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A New Jersey-based recycling company wants newspapers to share one of its core values.
April, 2009

The message? Cores, specifically newsprint cores, have value.“We’re trying to get the environmental message out to more customers,” said Russ Panzer, Executive Vice President of Paterson-based Paper Tubes & Cores Inc. “Re-use is a hot topic right now and we can help newspapers reduce waste and also provide them with some incremental revenues. PTC’s main line of business is recycling and repurposing cores it receives from commercial printers, although Panzer said the firm does serve a handful of newspapers as agents of the papers’ existing waste haulers. But Panzer said PTC is eager to expand its newspaper business.“We want to expand by working directly with newspapers and build on what we’re already doing,” he said. Fifty-year-old PTC already processes more than 2,000 tons of paper cores each year. The company uses its own fleet of trucks or common carriers to transport the cores to its Paterson plant where they are inspected and converted to smaller-diameter cores that can then be used by the flexible packaging industry. 

Energy savings significant The company transports the cores from printers’ pressrooms and pays printers a small fee –Panzer said rates now are in the low double-digits per ton – for the Kraft paper-based cores. While newspapers can enjoy the savings involved with disposing their used cores, the real savings come in the amount of energy that’s no longer required to produce new cores, Panzer said.“What we are trying to show is that the cores can be removed and reprocessed and easily reconstituted for re-use,” Panzer said. “The energy savings are phenomenal,” adding that PTC’s current level of recycling and reprocessing yields enough energy conservation to power up to 700 homes for a year. “If we could only get 10 percent of cores recycled, the savings would be tremendous,” Panzer said.


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